16 Ağustos 2009 Pazar

Gsoc 2009 is almost over !

As some of you may know the GSOC 2009 is going to be over. The code writing is over and some little formal things are remaining to pull the final trigger. As i posted in my previous posts i contributed to Func project this year as i did last year. Here are some of the items i added to Func that year :

  • Facts Framework - a different way to query more things on minions at once
  • Groups Api - new pluggable func groups api
  • Grep Modules - Query modules for a proper pattern
  • Real Time Output - Watch your minions output while they do their jobs.
  • Progress Report - Get progress report of your minions easily.
  • And many other small fixes and additions.
It was a great experience for me, thanks Func and of course many thanks to Google :) Probably that was my last GSOC and it was really fun to work on Open Source projects and get payed.

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