10 Haziran 2008 Salı

What can save your A.. !

In last 2 weeks i didnt sleep too much, coding about 8-10 hours a day. It is really much but have to do thousands of things. I'm trying to finish my school project,codding for google (the fun part) and also do some extra works. Yes it is too much, but in moments like that there are techonologies that saves our and especially my ass :

- Django saves your ass, you can sell you web site get your 200$ only in 2 days. (no joke)
- Turbogears saves you ass, you power up you ajax based site in couple of days
- Qt saves your ass, you can build your gui stuff in couple of hours for you project that you worked on all 4 months. Even in C++ but that is another story :)
- Python saves your ass you open ipython, and do all the stupid stuff you have to learn and then just dive in real coding,no semicolons, no segafaults,no compilation all great things you can imagine !
-And also vim :) It makes you code like a ninja :)