5 Mart 2010 Cuma

New Theme And New Posts

Hi all, who came here to the end of the world by accident :) I decided to post more often to my blog than before (i hope). Therefore new starts need changes ... I changed my blog theme so it is cooler now with a penguin above :) I'm not a designer and dont have idea how to make those cool things so my friend (a great designer) ADK helped me with it. Big thanks goes to him! Btw,you should hire him you wont be sorry believe me :) Well what is going on in my life ?

- After GSOC 2009 i finished my school,so now i'm a Computer Science Engineer (heh it sounds cool), though i dont feel like one.
- I worked for a while as Django/Python freelancer
- Now working as full time developer for Inomera A.Ş. on Netmera Social Platform.
- While writing that post i'm reading my C notes for the course i started.

Well thats, all nothing exciting in my life sorry :) I hope to post here more geeky stuff as i find some free time.

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