29 Ekim 2008 Çarşamba

A new Django Site Added to public

In last 2 weeks i've been working as freelancer, searching for people around the world who need Django/Python help for their projects. It is kind of exciting because i meet new people and do different kind of work everytime. Well one of these was injazzat.com a static firm site which was converted to Django site. The guy who was responsible for that site hired me to fix some of bugzz in site. It seemed as an easy stuff there was a few typos some template errors. However when i went deeper into code saw that hardcoded parts that made that job a nightmare :) I spent all my week to fix that mess and now most of the parts are real dynamic and the site follows the DRY :) At the end of work the guy told me that i was the 4th person who tried to fix that site and succeed finally. All previous developers escaped or dissappeared ... The temporary link of site is here ,i dont know if it will be there tomorrow but as reference just put it here. I hope got more exciting projects in the future ...

To conclude , do not write hardcoded programs because someday they will be seen by other people believe me :)

Note : and also thanks to adk for his help with those designer and css stuff

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Very super work my friend.